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Headquarters: 190 S. LaSalle St., Suite 3800 | Chicago, IL 60603-3432

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The highest levels of service, strategic vision, agility, discipline, and execution are in our DNA. Our roots are in the demanding electronic trading industry, where milliseconds count and excellence in execution matters. Since then, we have expanded to serve a diverse range of clients throughout the United States.

As a top managed service provider, breach recovery specialist, and security integrator, we bring clarity and vision to our clients.


We are partners supporting companies in technology, breach recovery, and security. Helping leaders who want to go faster, accomplish more, and deliver accelerating value to their business stakeholders.

Entara staffs a 24x7 team of best in class professionals helping our clients reach their strategic technology goals. Putting processes together to make technology work brilliantly for your company.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s what every professional knows. Crafting a thoughtful, future-focused technology and security roadmap is essential but difficult.

With many marketplace messages and products, discerning true value is time-consuming and difficult. Our strategy group helps you traverse current and future technologies safely and efficiently by collaboratively laying out your best roadmap to the future.

Breach Remediation & Recovery

Helping Fortune 100 companies recover from catastrophic ransomware and advanced persistent threats throughout the world. Our 24/7 breach remediation team can quickly restore companies to operational status.

Providing timely recovery and restoration of compromised systems within hours instead of weeks. Helping organizations get back on their feet quickly and efficiently after experiencing disruptions from attackers.

Managed Service Provider

As one of the top managed service providers in the country, we've earned the reputation for providing best-in-class services with fast response times and effective problem-solving skills that permanently resolve your issues.

We've been based in Chicago since 2001 and have established deep roots with the community and local businesses.

Security Integrator

Our extensive experience in breach remediation and recovery provides our team with significant security pedigree and expertise.
We provide cutting-edge, managed services around security.

Covering true zero-trust, IAM, data loss prevention, EDR, email, sandboxing, breach attack simulation, custom development, and integrations. We work closely with our security partners to deliver a complete security solution.


The first step in your journey with managed services is understanding where your company is today by assessing your current IT architecture and IT Service Management (ITSM) functions. The resulting IT roadmap guides the way to your most effective IT future.


We collaboratively execute your roadmap to increase IT service levels, network reliability, security, business process automation, and ROI. Leveraging our ServiceNow ITSM platform and 24x7 expert IT staff, we build the supports in your bridge to your best IT future.


The world moves fast, and companies who are not future-facing can quickly be left behind. Enter Entara, leading the way to the next horizon to thrive, scale, and succeed.


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Your customized, executable roadmap to your best IT future. Includes IT infrastructure assessments and IT operational assessments, along with the development of your custom IT roadmap, always designed to maximize your ROI. Then we keep your roadmap updated throughout our ongoing journey. Learn More

Entara’s Fully-Managed, Customizable IT Service Management (ITSM) ServiceNow Platform. Includes the ability to leverage this powerful platform without the overhead, expense and time commitment of an in-house implementation. Learn More

Ensuring uptime across your entire network and locations. Includes SD-WAN solutions; infrastructure monitoring and management of your network and storage devices, servers, applications and databases; and patch application, remediation and reporting—supported around the clock in our full 24x7x365 locally-staffed NOC. Learn More

Ensuring uptime across your workforce. Includes workstation management and a 24x7x365 locally-staffed help desk with exceptional user satisfactions ratings -- all inside a framework of scalable standardization. Learn More

Accelerating your journey to the future of IT service automation. Includes Business Process Automation through our EntaraWorks platform, Business Service Management, and expansion of ServiceNow modules, allowing you to increasingly automate services in your business efficiently. Learn More

Protecting your organization from cybersecurity risks.
Includes 24x7x365 Managed Detection and Response, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and security awareness training for your employees. Learn More

Helping you evaluate and manage the why, what, who, where, when, and how of leveraging the Cloud.Includes cloud migration strategy, execution, and ongoing cloud management with our certified AWS architects and Azure experts, bringing deep knowledge of cloud services, cloud storage, and cloud security. Learn More