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3 Technology Trends Top Businesses Are Embracing in 2019

(This is part 1 of our guide. Click here to view the full guide)

It is evident that technology is rapidly changing how every industry functions. This change has proved to be difficult for businesses to conquer over the years, leading many to take a reactive approach with their IT infrastructure rather than a proactive one. As more widespread technological change is anticipated, this reactive strategy is no longer an option.

Studies show a high correlation between firms that have significantly invested in technology and those that are the top-ranking firms in each field. Additionally, more and more companies are realizing that improved technology results in happier associates and well-served clients. With that in mind, here is part 1 of the 3 technology trends that top IT businesses are embracing to gain a competitive edge in 2019:

The Days of “Break/Fix Are Over”

There will always be systems that break and an internal staff member or Managed Service Provider who will provide a quick fix. However, if you want your business to thrive, your IT service levels must extend beyond the simple realm of “break/fix.”

You need an IT strategy that is constantly evolving to lead your business into the future at a steady pace. Most top-performing companies already have their technology projects planned out in detail for the upcoming quarter, as well as a full roadmap of IT projects and timelines planned for the coming year and beyond. Managed Services Providers and internal IT departments need to be driving this roadmap with an ROI mindset from today into the future.

At Entara, we derive our client IT roadmaps from the Gartner Business Model and divide them into four categories: Run, Grow, Transform, and our newest addition – Secure. As you categorize your own roadmap, it is essential to customize it in a manner that ensures you don’t get left behind.

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