Get out of chaos mode

We take decimated environments and get them back up and running within hours, not weeks.

We work with trusted security partners on immediate containment measures.

Every situation is unique, but measures can include isolating backups, restricting access from the internet, mitigating lateral movement risks, and preparing for an organization wide password reset. 

We start with assessing and reviewing the integrity of your systems and your goals. 

Our process is customized to fit your business goals, not a cookie cutter procedure. We take on all your pain so you can focus on what you do best, your business.

We recover core components first. 

The fastest way to get your company operational is to focus on getting your core infrastructure, like your VMware, hypervisor, network, active directory (AD), and backups, up and running as soon as possible. We do this within hours, not weeks. 

We don’t want repeat clients.

We have in-house experts ready to integrate security solutions to harden your system to mitigate future breaches.

Our project consulting team performs:
- Infrastructure hardening
- Infrastructure projects
- Security assessments
- OS migrations
- Infrastructure consolidation after acquisition
- Microsegmentation and zero trust solution deployment

We thrive in complexity.

Our team is unique because we come from every sector of IT, and we touch points of infrastructure daily that most people touch every decade. These experiences have made us the ultimate problem solvers and eager to take on new challenges.

We have a large, experienced team available on demand.

Because we are a part of an eXtended Service Provider, we are prepared to tackle new projects immediately and have the resources available to do so. Our large bench allows us to learn who your business is, build a disaster recovery plan, and solve priority issues immediately after kickoff during the core stage of the project.

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Our Proven Process

Our 24/7 breach remediation team quickly and efficiently restores companies to operational status by providing recovery and restoration of compromised systems within the first 48 hours. We focus on the root issue that caused your security breach in the first place in order to mitigate future events.


During my time at Entara, every time I raised my hand for more responsibility, I got it. If you want to make an impact and you work hard, you will be given the chance to grow here. Focus on our core values execution and excellence with an empathetic approach; then evolution will follow.


The culture of Entara is welcoming, supportive, and fun. It's never a dull moment speaking with anyone here whether that be asking for help or just catching up on how one's doing. Even being primarily remote has not stopped us from enjoying our work experience and doing the best work we can.


Entara makes working with our mutual clients incredibly easy. Their professionalism, whether it’s their technical skillset, their sales acumen or just their overall demeanor, is second to none. We consider ourselves very lucky to call Entara our partner.


CEO, Guardicore

Our Trusted Partners

We work side-by-side with leading security advisors to solve your technical challenges and bring clarity to the complexity of cyber attacks. 


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