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Headquarters: 190 S. LaSalle St., Suite 3800 | Chicago, IL 60603-3432

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Administrative Coordinator

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Wanted: A Masterful Composer of Organizational Wizardry

(also known as an Administrative Coordinator)


We invite you to join Entara and further your career journey with us as our Administrative Coordinator. The functions, roles, and activities at play in a fast-paced, “eyes on the prize” workplace like Entara don’t seamlessly work together without a strong support system keeping us on-point, refreshed, and organized! For each player to perform at their peak, we have to create spaces for success, provide fuel for the imagination, and turn verbal promises into actionable practices. These culture-binding activities are central to office life and require a masterful composer of organizational wizardry. This magically-minded professional has the knack to take requests and turn them around with precision and poise, whilst mastering the ability to empathetically connect and support fellow teammates.

Our Administrative Coordinator will be required to focus his/her energy in a few primary areas: Office Management, Recruitment Coordination, and Talent Programming/Events. Our ideal candidate has a true passion for helping others and has expressed that in a variety of environments which flexed their organizational muscles, demanded exceptional communication, and stretched their time management skills. If you have the mindset that no task is too menial, no obstacle is insurmountable, and every individual should be treated with value, then you might be the Coordinator we’ve been looking for!


(Otherwise known as the fine print, the list of job tasks and responsibilities.)

Entara’s Administrative Coordinator will report to the Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) and will be primarily responsible for performing various key administrative tasks to support Entara employees and manage the operational functions of our professional office environment. Additionally, the Administrative Coordinator will provide comprehensive support for and assist with special projects and recurring tasks related to talent recruitment, programming, and events.

Office Management:

  • Serve as the Entara liaison to building management office, address all repair and service needs for office space distribute tenant communications and information about changes to facilities usage, and coordinate all logistics with visitors and shipments
  • Manage inventory of all office supplies, food, and beverages; restock daily items for Entara staff
  • Manage the office purchasing program and related budget, maintain vendor relationships, and prepare orders at weekly/monthly intervals as needed
  • Process orders of thoughtful arrangements for internal and external Entara contacts, as requested
  • Assist Sales, Managed Services, and other groups with campaigns that require outbound mailing or shipment preparation 
  • Maintain referenceable office management documentation and distribute up-to-date Entara Phone List
  • Assist with coordination and execution of the upcoming office move, including space planning and logistics for physical relocation
  • Assist with procurement needs; check-in/check-out equipment (internal or client) for Managed Services and Professional Services Teams
  • Prepare all outbound packages for shipping and create the appropriate mailing label(s)
  • Coordinate orders for Entara food deliveries while accommodating various dietary needs, including weekly firmwide meals and food or beverage required for special group meetings or events throughout the week.
  • Ensure Entara office equipment remains in good working order; schedule periodic maintenance and coordinate with vendors for service as needed.


  • Create warm first impressions by greeting candidates, clients, and other guests as they visit the office
  • Receive and field all incoming main line phone calls
  • Organize and maintain all common area spaces; ensure all office spaces are tidy and stocked with all necessities for meetings, conference calls, and interviews
  • Receive and distribute all package deliveries and daily mail

Recruiting Coordination:

  • Own various facets of the recruiting process to assist the Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM):
    • Sourcing: Following Entara recruitment methodology, meet weekly metrics and execute various outreach methods for passive candidate engagement (in-mails, emails, and calls)
    • Communications & Scheduling: Assist TAM by scheduling next steps and gathering additional information from candidates at various stages of the recruiting process
    • Online Postings Management: Edit and maintain online postings on job board platforms ensuring their inclusion in our ATS
    • ATS Administration: Effectively navigate our ATS and ensure accurate data is uploaded for current candidates (assessments, applications, feedback, etc.)
    • Talent Marketing: Assist TAM & Marketing to execute tasks related to social media content writing, post management, careers page development, and recruitment marketing research.    
    • Application Review: Assist TAM in identifying qualified applicants for open roles and setting up introductory conversations
    • Reference Checks: Assist TAM by conducting reference checks for candidates in final stages of the recruiting process
    • Campus Outreach: Provide onsite and preparatory assistance for candidate job fairs attended by the TA team; book travel arrangements, pack supplies for travel or shipping, and attend events as a secondary representative. Requires out of state travel.  
    • Onsite Interviews: Coordinate and host onsite interviews to ensure a positive candidate experience. Acting as a liaison for the TA team, greet incoming candidates, set-up conference rooms with necessary items, keep interviews running on-time and escalate pressing issues to TAM.

Talent Programming & Events:

  • Coordinate and spearhead all internal Entara events, including (but not limited to) quarterly outings, annual celebrations, Leadership dinners, and special-case candidate interviews in conjunction with the Marketing and TA teams
  • Finalize event budgets with Finance
  • Act as day-of contact and coordinator for Entara events (internal)
  • Organize thoughtful arrangements recognizing staff special occasions; prepare and execute periodic celebrations; send and coordinate personalized recognitions
  • Research, plan, and execute on approved community-centric initiatives: food drives, volunteer days, etc.
  • Assume the role of Entara Ambassador for Entara interns, acting as an internal program coordinator and point of contact to ensure an intern’s experience with Entara is top notch.
  • Act as an internal contact for Entara’s Wellness Initiative, including coordination of bi-weekly webinars, results tracking, competition oversight, and implementation of guidelines in our office ordering practices.
  • Complete assigned new hire onboarding tasks
  • Assist Leadership and TAM in the execution and development of talent programming that will aid in the further maturation of our company’s culture and employee recognition, growth, and satisfaction.

Executive Assistance:

  • Fulfill select ad-hoc requests for Entara Leadership team members
  • Assist with occasional travel, calendar, and reservations logistics for executives
  • Draft internal communications or assist with compilation of documentation or proposal material


  • You have a four-year degree, preferably in a field that’s administratively inclined—such as Marketing, Business, or Communications. Your Anne with an e determination resulted in a high GPA or other academic accolades and your pursuit for knowledge hasn’t been quenched yet!
  • You have at least one year of experience in an administrative role for a corporate office, or supporting company executives.
  • You are a master of the pen (or keyboard, as it were). Communicating clearly, effectively, and persuasively is an ability you are proud of. You wield words with poise and specificity, adapting to a variety of different audiences as needed. You consider your professional communication—and writing, in particular—to be impeccable, effective, and appropriately tailored for the context. You are also very confident demonstrating your superb writing skills throughout the interviewing process.
  • You are accomplished with the tools and applications used by administrative professionals—including Microsoft Office. You also have a knack for learning new software without much formal training; technology in its various forms is something you “get” and understand how to use to your advantage.
  • You can still be highly productive with limited direction and supervision. If given a high-level vision or goal, you can competently fill in the granular details yourself. You can also exercise creative muscles when the steps or end product are not necessarily spelled out for you. While we function in a highly collaborative team, we are also individual powerhouses.
  • You have reason to boast of your time management skills without relying on a time-turner. You have demonstrated the ability to juggle multiple, time-sensitive tasks whilst producing superb results.
  • You maintain an acute awareness and composure relative to the personal or confidential information that you may come across in your role. You pride yourself on being someone others can trust to handle sensitive information in a professional manner and with the utmost care.
  • You are open to a 45-55 hour work week—for you, it’s about your personal follow through, regardless of the time or steps it takes to get there. Occasionally, you will be required to be stay late, come in early, or even travel to setup, host, represent, teardown, & cleanup—it’s the added effort that helps the firm to shine and something you are happy to do when the need arises.


  • Poised & Professional. Despite the number of tasks thrown your way, you always remain calm and maintain an impressive ability to adapt and reprioritize. You understand exactly where your focus needs to be at any given moment, and take pride in crossing things off your to-do list only after they’ve reached 100% completion.
  • An Integrator. Task lists and procedures are your cup of tea, but you aren’t limited to following detailed instructions—you like to build and create your own. You have a Mary Poppins-like way of finding just the right method to tackle difficult projects and producing a repeatable solution, a practically-perfect process, or a new tool that saves time.
  • Accountable & Self-Driven. When you screw up, the person who is most disappointed is always you. You take great pride in the quality of your work and the way in which you deliver it. “Very good” may do for most people, but you’re out for excellence. You are self-motivated in respect to your work because you view it as a reflection of yourself and what you have to offer. You often find that the standards you set for yourself are even higher than what others expect of you, and you learn from your mistakes.
  • A Confidant. If you give your word, you keep it. You quickly build trust-centered relationships, based on your reliability, follow through, and perceptive listening. You are informative without oversharing, reading a conversation to know when it’s time to transition while having a constant eye for confidentiality and professionalism.
  • A Ray of Sunshine. Despite the ups and downs you constantly face, you maintain a positive and energetic outlook. After all, when you get together with friends and loved ones, you’re usually the person who sets the mood. You put your best foot forward when interacting with others, even on the days you feel like curling into a ball and hibernating.
  • A Combo Meal. Your style is winningly ambidextrous. While you are known to be creative, social, and improvisational, you also insist on being extremely organized and highly detailed. If Dance Dance Revolution and Microsoft Excel had a love child, it would be you.

We’re serious about these qualities. If they don’t apply to you, you won’t be happy at Entara and we won’t be happy with you. We’ll part ways sooner rather than later.  Let’s avoid all that discomfort by agreeing you won’t contort yourself to meet requirements that just don’t fit. You are who you are, and that’s okay.


Entara is a new kind of IT Managed Services Company. We’re built from the ground up to provide the strategic vision, platforms, processes and people to travel with our clients on the path to their best IT future. We partner with mid-sized Chicago organizations to make technology work brilliantly for our clients.

We launched in 2001, as the niche firm YJT Solutions (You Just Trade) helping to solve some of the IT challenges of Chicago’s most intense trading environments. Because of our success working in the financial industry, we branched out to serve other industries over a decade ago.

In 2018, we rebranded to Entara because our company has grown and evolved far beyond its original roots. We are doubling down on making investments in our future to better serve our clients. We are evaluating new toolsets, selecting and integrating the best ones for our future-facing IT Service Management platform, EntaraWorks. We are hiring tomorrow’s leaders, giving them the opportunity to grow beyond what they ever imagined.

We’ve been formally recognized as one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Although we’re ranked among MSPmentor’s Top 200 global IT managed services providers, our customers are generally local to the Chicagoland area. Our sole focus is excellence. If you are fond of the phrase “close enough,” please don’t apply for this job. Our success is built on developing exceptional relationships with fellow co-workers and clients alike, as we collaboratively chart our best paths forward to the future.


You’ll have a direct impact on our operations, our clients, and our fellow EntaraCorps members. Because of that impact, you’ll get our respect and gratitude for the role you play in making Entara the best it can be.

We’ll provide you with skills, training, responsibility and opportunities to grow, both at Entara and wherever your career takes you in the future. (However, we hope you’ll be successful here for a good, long time.)

We consider mentoring and participating in the continual learning of others to be absolutely essential for both you and your co-workers. You’ll benefit by developing your leadership skills—and by having a replacement ready when you’re ready to move up to another position.

We know that’s not enough.

Here are some of the employee benefits we currently offer:

  • BCBS Gold-level PPO Medical Insurance, premiums paid 100% by us
  • Generous and flexible Paid Time Off policy
  • 401k Corporate Matching Program
  • Reimbursement for approved certification tests and training, seminars, conferences and more
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Healthcare Savings Account (HSA)
  • Dependent Care FSA
  • Tax-advantaged Commuter Benefit Plan
  • Company-wide outings every three months. Recent examples include Ravinia concerts, rooftop barbecues, floating the Chicago River, bowling & bocce, laser tag, and vintage gaming at Headquarters, among other things!

And there’s more…

Free snacks and drinks, weekly lunches, and “Fridays at Four.” Combine that with the chance to work with a variety of clients in some of the most interesting industries around, solve big problems, create new pathways in managed services, and help to lead our clients and ourselves deep into the future, and Entara becomes the one IT company that’s hard to beat.

And there’s even more...                                

Our spirit is what makes us different. We work hard. We play hard. We care about each other because we respect where each of us comes from and who we are. We have a more evolved notion of teamwork--solving client problems together and scouring the horizon for new ideas together. We recognize the journey we’re all on, from our clients to ourselves. We’re all at different places on that journey, and each stop requires support, knowledge and courage to move on. It’s why we bring the best tools and support to our clients. And why we treat and reward our EntaraCorps the way we do.