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ServiceNow Developer

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Wanted: A ServiceNow Artisan with Futuristic Aspirations

(also known as a ServiceNow Developer)


We invite you to embark on your journey with Entara as a key resource in the delivery and maturation of our PaaS offering, EntaraWorks! EntaraWorks (our proprietary, customized instance of ServiceNow) is at the heart of Entara’s operations and it is the tool that will drive our clients into their technological futures.  It is only fitting then that we are seeking an energetic ServiceNow Developer to enhance, optimize, and maintain our EntaraWorks platform—ensuring it is a game-changing investment both internally and externally.  

Wielding the power of ServiceNow best practices, we require an enlightened Developer who massages “out of the box” modules into impactful process engines. Our ideal candidate has both the ability to maintain and manage our existing framework, while fixing bugs, and developing enhancements- all with an eye for scalability, the ease of ongoing maintenance, and more importantly, the end-user experience.

While mainly diving into the weeds on day-to-day issues and priorities, our Developer will maintain a pulse on upcoming ServiceNow releases, helping us to think one step beyond, ensuring our roadmap is in line with the future. Our ServiceNow Developer will work closely alongside our dedicated EntaraWorks Platform Team (inside of the Managed Service Practice) and will interface with our IT Steering Committee on future-minded enhancement proposals.

Needless to say, we are looking for a future-minded artisan of the ServiceNow experience! Might that be you?


(Otherwise known as your “accountabilities”—the most important aspects of your role at Entara.)

  • Advise the team on how to best leverage SN capability and new SN features using best practices
  • Work with the Platform Team to design, develop, test and improve the Service Catalog
  • Work on development of PAB approved enhancements and defects
  • Serve as an escalation point for Platform Specialists regarding defects
  • Perform Platform Maintenance/audits


(Otherwise known as the fine print, the list of job tasks and responsibilities.)

Entara’s ServiceNow Developer employs knowledge of ServiceNow to administer, maintain, and advance Entara’s proprietary ServiceNow instance called EntaraWorks. Daily development tasks will span completing enhancements, resolving known defects, building and maintaining integrations, working on version upgrades as well as monthly/quarterly maintenance. This individual is meant to employ their understanding of ServiceNow to voice input on continued development of the EntaraWorks platform. This individual will be a dedicated, key resource to the Platform support team—acting as the primary development resource on new module expansion projects and issues requiring immediate resolution. Our ServiceNow Developer will report directly to our Director of Managed Services.  

  • Operational Platform Support for Entara and Platform Clients
    • Attend daily huddles to gather work assignments, scope out commitments, and provide status updates on open development projects.
    • Perform troubleshooting for reported issues on the platform (defects); determine appropriate remediation and apply fixes (following standard change procedures).
    • Ensure QA of developed features: consistently send completed features to testing by another team member.
    • Make yourself available to test another developer’s work, as needed.
    • Execute periodic audit and maintenance schedules on platform components (CMBD, detection of unmanaged devices, etc.) to ensure data integrity, consistent standards across applications, and requirements fulfillment.
    • Consistently follow through on development commitments and assigned timelines. Proactively call out roadblocks to timely delivery and escalate issues as necessary to maintain project integrity.
    • Participate in Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, when another platform representative is unavailable.
    • Advocate and actively leverage “out of the box” ServiceNow features before exploring customizations.
    • Employ an understanding of Entara Core Processes utilized by Managed Services and Professional Services teams, adjusting the platform in ways that will continue to enhance our team’s ability to easily follow process.
  • Documentation
    • Maintain and update standards documentation for platform maintenance in collaboration with Entara Platform Manager and Architects.
    • Utilize available testing procedures and plans for effective QA.
    • Track your work in ServiceNow: enter time and work notes against applicable feature record.
  • Communication
    • Follow established communication guidelines to ensure platform stakeholders and impacted users are aware of impactful changes before they occur.
    • Provide proactive updates to stakeholders and users on issues requiring immediate resolution, always employing an empathetic eye towards concerns and inquiries.
    • Summarize applied changes and their purposes to platform stakeholders to ensure organizational awareness and consistency.
  • EntaraWorks Advancement
    • Provide thoughtful input to Steering Committee on development opportunities that may influence the EntaraWorks roadmap.
    • In conjunction with Sr. Platform Specialists, gather business requirements, identify, and promote enhancements to assist in Entara and client scalability.
    • Attend Platform Advisory Board (PAB) meetings to engage in discussion around development priorities and active development cycles.


  • A Mindful Artisan: You have a history of leveraging best practices, practicing innovative thinking, and employing excellence in execution to weave the ServiceNow tapestry into a supportive business asset. You have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in ServiceNow development and boast of the following competencies:  
    • Foundational understanding of Domain Separation
    • Required SN Exposure:
      • Service Catalog
      • ITSM: Incident, Change, Request, Problem
      • PPM (Project Portfolio Management)
      • CMDB exposure
      • Reporting
    • “Nice to have” SN Exposure:
      • ITOM (Operations Management) – nice to have
      • ITAM (Asset Management)
      • Performance Analytics
    • UAT Testing
    • Coding Languages:
      • JavaScript (required)
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • JSON
  • An Agent of Completion: When it comes to the art of “getting it done” you are the Leslie Knope of the development world. You press onto the finish line and never miss a beat when a new obstacle rears its ugly head. You take immense pride and ownership of the balls in your court and understand how to break down a mountain into realistic sprints of activity—leading to a rockstar record of completion.
  • A Defender for Standards: As much as you love thinking about what is possible, you have a healthy appreciation for leveraging standards. Structure, Repetition, Scalability---these are terms that excite you because they ensure a quality deliverable. You’re not interested in just doing something flashy (though you have been known for employing a creative solve)- your eye towards development is something that can withstand the test of time.
  • You have a perception of working hours that is more malleable than the traditional "9 to 5". You're career driven and invested to put in the time and energy to get the job done right, and you take immense pride in your personal follow-through. On the flip side, you know when to prioritize, take a break, and build in some time for personal wellness. Balancing work and life is an art you encourage in yourself and one that Entara fully embraces. Be at your best, to do your best and that starts with building healthy work habits--something we are continuously evolving together.
  • Being a true 24x7 operation, we all take the lead to keep our operations afloat. As a Developer, you will be an instrumental asset in our release cycle which may require you to (on occasion) be available after hours. You don’t shrink away from unconventional hours when the task requires it—you pride yourself on being a team player.

  • You have a dedicated, private space for a home office and already have in place a reliable, private internet connection with at least 25MBPS bandwidth. Public wifi and shared common spaces do not meet these standards. Entara will supply you with the other necessary tools and hardware to complete your tasks remotely.


  • Right Brain, Left Brain OS: You’re a little bit of a fanatic when it comes to knowledge of documented issues and solutions, but you’ve got a streak of Potter-ish ingenuity when something weird comes along. You break problems down, using a logical process of elimination to solve them. But you pay attention to intuitive inspiration.
  • Persnickety: You avoid even thinking, “That’s good enough.” As someone who respects others’ time and manages expectations, you consider being “on-time” a virtue and see following through on commitments as the Holy Grail of your personal work ethic. You continually look to fill gaps with insightful code and find ways to improve the foundation that was already laid.
  • User-Minded: You’ve always worked with a world-view of keeping others and their experience, top of mind. To you, the job hasn’t been accomplished until you’ve made someone’s life easier, helped a team optimize their workflow, or just make information more accessible to those who need it. You’re superpower is user experience.
  • Resilience of a rubber band: You don’t snap when stretched to your limits by requests with competing priorities or by urgent issues that require you to pivot quickly. You have the temperament of a Zen monk on a Rocky Mountain high.
  • Appetite for learning: You’re always reaching for the next apple on the knowledge tree, as well as the last piece of pizza in the box. You’re never satisfied with your level of knowledge and continuously seek to expand and test your limits to evolve to “level-up” your expertise.
  • Ambidexterity: You extend your hand down to support and delegate to more junior developers, as well as reach across the company for help when you need it. You’re adept at balancing your own workload with the requirements for delivery. You’re intentional about sharing constructive feedback and ideas with colleagues while welcoming the same in return.


Entara is a new kind of IT Managed Services Company. We’re built from the ground up to provide the strategic vision, platforms, processes and people to travel with our clients on the path to their best IT future. We partner with mid-sized Chicago organizations to make technology work brilliantly for our clients.

We launched in 2001, as the niche firm YJT Solutions (You Just Trade) helping to solve some of the IT challenges of Chicago’s most intense trading environments. Because of our success working in the financial industry, we branched out to serve other industries over a decade ago.

In 2018, we rebranded to Entara because our company has grown and evolved far beyond its original roots. We are doubling down on making investments in our future to better serve our clients. We are evaluating new toolsets, selecting and integrating the best ones for our future-facing IT Service Management platform, EntaraWorks. We are hiring tomorrow’s leaders, giving them the opportunity to grow beyond what they ever imagined.

We’ve been formally recognized as one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For since 2017. We’re been ranked among MSPmentor’s Top 200 global IT managed services providers, and our influence has expanded beyond the Chicago arena. Our sole focus is excellence. If you are fond of the phrase “close enough,” please don’t apply for this job. Our success is built on developing exceptional relationships with fellow co-workers and clients alike, as we collaboratively chart our best paths forward to the future.


You’ll have a direct impact on our operations, our clients, and our fellow EntaraCorps members. Because of that impact, you’ll get our respect and gratitude for the role you play in making Entara the best it can be.

We’ll provide you with skills, training, responsibility and opportunities to grow, both at Entara and wherever your career takes you in the future. (However, we hope you’ll be successful here for a good, long time.)

We consider mentoring and participating in the continual learning of others to be absolutely essential for both you and your co-workers. You’ll benefit by developing your leadership skills—and by having a replacement ready when you’re ready to move up to another position.

We know that’s not enough.

Here are some of the employee benefits we currently offer:

  • Ability to perform work 100% remotely
  • BCBS Gold-level PPO Medical Insurance, premiums paid 100% by us
  • Generous and flexible Paid Time Off policy
  • 401k Corporate Matching Program
  • Reimbursement for approved certification tests and training, seminars, conferences and more
  • Dental Insurance, premiums paid 100% by us
  • Disability Insurance, premiums paid 100% by us
  • Life Insurance, premiums paid 100% by us with option for buy-up for additional coverage
  • Healthcare Savings Account (HSA)
  • Dependent Care FSA
  • Granted it’s safe to do so, Company-wide outings every six months and virtual events sprinkled in-between! Historic examples include outdoor concerts, rooftop barbecues, floating the Chicago River, bowling & bocce, laser tag, and vintage gaming at a local Beercade, among other things!

And there’s more…

“Fridays at Four” weekly happy hour and a weekly internal News show. Combine that with the chance to work with a variety of clients in some of the most interesting industries around, solve big problems, create new pathways in managed services, and help to lead our clients and ourselves deep into the future, and Entara becomes the one IT company that’s hard to beat.

And there’s even more...                                

Our spirit is what makes us different. We work hard. We play hard. We care about each other because we respect where each of us comes from and who we are. We have a more evolved notion of teamwork--solving client problems together and scouring the horizon for new ideas together. We recognize the journey we’re all on, from our clients to ourselves. We’re all at different places on that journey, and each stop requires support, knowledge and courage to move on. It’s why we bring the best tools and support to our clients. And why we treat and reward our EntaraCorps the way we do.