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Talent Acquisition Coordinator

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Wanted: An Explorative & Empathetic First Officer of Talent Attraction

(also known as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator)


We invite you to join Entara and further your career journey with us our Talent Acquisition Coordinator. The heart of any company is its people and here at Entara—we take the art of finding and cultivating our people with extreme care. To be top-tier in our delivery, we must enable our employees by being a world-class employer, period. This type of culture wasn’t built overnight and it takes considerable tending, especially when we come into seasons where we’re busy as bees and need to support the team with equally awesome teammates.

This is where our Talent Acquisition Coordinator comes into play. We are on the market to secure top-tier employees at ALL levels of our organization- from entry level to enterprising leadership. We hire for value fits over just skills and have a different approach towards aligning candidates to opportunities. We are looking for another champion of attraction- a creative and disciplined professional broadcaster of our culture- who helps us find like-minded rockstars looking for their next career home.

Our ideal Talent Acquisition Coordinator is a budding professional as well. We’re looking for an enterprising, resourceful team-player who wants to work alongside our Talent Acquisition Manager to scale our Talent operations in preparation for the next frontier. Our Coordinator bleeds empathy, nails deliverables, and prioritizes experience. In other words—a first officer, second in command, of the Starship Talent Enterprise. Does this sound like you?


(Otherwise known as the fine print, the list of job tasks and responsibilities.)

The Talent Acquisition Coordinator will own various facets of the recruiting process, working in tandem with Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) to attract and convert interested prospects into new hires. The TA Coordinator will additionally flex into new employee on-boarding assistance, training cultivation, and engagement initiatives to help Entara cultivate and mature these relationships post hire. This position will report directly to the Talent Acquisition Manager.

Be an Attraction Expert

  • Source:
    • Following Entara recruitment methodology, meet weekly metrics and execute various outreach methods for passive candidate engagement (in-mails, emails, and calls).
    • Compose and fine-tune outreach sequences to mature passive talent tools for upcoming opportunities.
    • Grow into day-to-day management of prospect pools and related engagement activity, whether relationships are new, continued, or referred to us for cultivation.
    • Leverage preferred tools: LinkedIn Recruiter, Gem, and Greenhouse ATS.
  • Manage Online Postings:
    • Edit and maintain online postings on Entara’s careers page and job board platforms, ensuring they maintain consistency in messaging and branding.
    • Research and propose additional posting platforms, LinkedIn groups, etc. that Entara should be leveraging as our needs expand.
  • Campus Coordination:
    • Provide onsite and preparatory assistance for candidate job fairs attended by the TA team; book travel arrangements, pack supplies for travel or shipping, and attend events as a secondary representative. Note: Requires out of state travel.   
    • Research additional collegiate programs that may contribute to upcoming or growing talent needs.
    • Leverage and fine-tune event tools that streamline the capture of candidate information for import into Greenhouse.
    • Interface with supervisors or coordinators of student work and internship programs as a representative of Entara’s engagement with students
  • Enhance Company Brand:
    • As directed, execute tasks related to social media content writing, post management, careers page development, and recruitment marketing research—all in an effort to build our online employer branding and showcase our world-class culture. 
    • Assist in the TAM in job description capture and refinement. Act as a gatekeeper to edit and ensure content standards are applied to all approved job descriptions.
    • Monitor brand engagement and propose adjustments or additions to virtual brand presence.

Cultivate Relationships

  • Maintain the Candidate Experience:
    • Assist TAM in coordinating next steps and required action items to streamline time to hire.
    • Schedule interviews, gather assessments, and conduct reference checks.
    • Act as a liaison for the TA team, keep interviews running on-time, and escalate pressing issues to TAM.
    • Identify process gaps or inefficiencies that may require resolution or refinement, keeping the candidate experience top of mind.
  • Flex into full-cycle recruitment for select positions, as assigned. Related tasks may encompass the following:
    • Perform Kick-off meeting with TAM to capture required vetting steps and available resources for interviews.
    • Select and interview candidates for consideration
    • Proactively communicate in a way that enhances the candidate’s experience; ensure each candidate walks away feeling valued and informed.
    • Gather and grade applicable assessments against Entara baseline, escalating to TAM as needed
    • Provide insight and recommendations to hiring managers and TAM on candidate
    • Assume personal ownership of all next steps, follow-ups, and update calls in relation to your candidates. Schedule all necessary interviews. Host video and onsite interviews.
    • Provide and gather timely feedback from Entara interviewers.
    • Prepare and maintain documentation in Greenhouse of your candidate’s interview process(es) schedule and related discussions regarding their candidacy.
    • Coordinate and compose offers for review and extension with TAM and the Director of Finance.
    • Transition closed candidate relationships to TAM and Hiring Manger for new hire onboarding.

Keep the Process Flowing

  • Capture Team Metrics:
    • Pull required data, reports, and metrics from our standard TA toolset for review with TAM on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
    • Highlight variances and assist in the creative “solve” for process gaps or hard-to-fill roles.
  • TA Tool Administration: Understand the utilization and necessity of each of our TA tools. Maintain continual upkeep and data integrity – ensuring accurate reporting of TA activity and trends.  
    • Maintain candidate data in Greenhouse; ensure accurate data is uploaded and available for current candidates (assessments, applications, feedback, etc.).
    • Execute assigned tasks related to new position setup in Greenhouse, including scorecard development, application questions, interview stages, etc.
    • Organize prospect projects across sourcing platforms (LinkedIn Recruiter, Gem); ensure follow-up activities are tracked and logged in respective tools.
    • Efficiently navigate the HireSelect platform to reflect signed new hires and clean up inactive “jobs”
  • Field Applications:
    • Following Entara’s selection standards, identify qualified applicants for open roles by acting as the screener of incoming applications.
    • Utilize developed messaging and rejection or advancement guidelines to ensure compliance measures are followed consistently for each candidate.

Talent Administration: Perform various administrative and training tasks related to Entara new hire workflows. Flex into the additional areas of training coordination and culture cultivation in alignment with pressing needs.

  • Navigate Paylocity HRIS to run requested reports for metrics tracking
  • Perform assigned tasks in HRIS: (i.e. Employee benefit enrollment review & submission to carrier sites)
  • New Employee Onboarding
    • Act as a secondary resource for orientation training sessions
    • Aid in the development of new hire materials and introductory trainings
    • Assist TAM in the maintenance and creation of templated Training Plans
    • Compose assigned Training Plans and schedule required new hire training events
    • Gather components and compile new hire training packets
    • Assemble and launch new hire onboarding packets
    • Monitor new employee onboarding workflows and ensure new hires are equipped with standard Entara resource sets
  • Training Coordination:
    • Maintain and organize the new hire training catalog in conjunction with Entara HR.
    • Grow in ability to map organizational needs with requirements for additional or modified content.
    • Collaborate with TA team, Entara HR, and department heads to adjust training assignments and opportunities as the company evolves.
    • Maintain an awareness of available training tools, methods, and delivery across the firm.
    • Organize and communicate select training initiatives.
  • Engagement Programming:
    • Act as day-of contact and coordinator for select Entara employee events.
    • Assume the role of Entara Ambassador for Entara interns, acting as an internal program coordinator and point of contact to ensure an intern’s experience with Entara is top notch.
    • Be a voice for our talent programming; help identify what will aid in the further maturation of our company’s culture and employee recognition, growth, and satisfaction.


  • You have a four-year degree, preferably in a field that’s business-oriented—such as Marketing, Human Resources, or Communications. Your Anne with an e determination resulted in a high GPA or other academic accolades and your pursuit for knowledge hasn’t been quenched yet!
  • You have at least three years of experience in a role that required you to be an active part of the recruiting process, preferably in the areas of sourcing, application management, employer branding, or as a junior recruiter or recruiting coordinator. Though not required, our most ideal candidate will have experience attracting elusive technical talent.
  • You are a master of the pen (or keyboard, as it were). Communicating clearly, effectively, and persuasively is an ability you are proud of. You wield words with poise and specificity, adapting to a variety of different audiences as needed. You consider your professional communication—and writing, in particular—to be impeccable, effective, and appropriately tailored for the context. You are also very confident demonstrating your superb communication skills throughout the interviewing process.
  • You are accomplished with the tools and applications used by recruitment professionals. Greenhouse ATS, LinkedIn | LinkedIn Recruiter, collegiate job platforms (Simplicity, Handshake, etc.) & Gem (sourcing) are our preferred tools. You also have a knack for learning new software without much formal training; technology in its various forms is something you “get” and understand how to use to your advantage.
  • You’re an organizational mastermind, pulling off a delicate juggling act of multiple candidates in multiple phases while making it all look effortless. You multitask out of necessity, but you do so without compromising your attention to detail. You can push through a large volume of activity every day and yet still recall on a dime which universities your five active candidates named Michael recently graduated from.
  • You maintain an acute awareness and composure relative to the personal or confidential information that you may come across in your role. You pride yourself on being someone others can trust to handle sensitive information in a professional manner and with the utmost care.
  • You are open to a 45-55 hour work week—for you, it’s about your personal follow through, regardless of the time or steps it takes to get there. Occasionally, you will be required to be stay late, start early, or even travel to be “the face of Entara” to interested applicants
  • You have a dedicated, private space for a home office and already have in place a reliable, private internet connection with at least 25MBPS bandwidth. Public Wi-Fi and shared common spaces do not meet these standards. Entara will supply you with the other necessary tools and hardware to complete your tasks remotely.


  • Eyes on the prize. “Tenacious” and “persistent” are descriptors that friends and family frequently assign to you. Once a goal is outlined, you’ll cross as many mountains and valleys as necessary to attain it. During the journey, you are not derailed by changes in weather—like shifting hiring priorities or elusive candidate pools.
  • Leave no stone unturned. You are always thinking of new ways to meet attraction challenges because you know that finding the right candidate is not as easy as point, click, post. You understand—and make every use of—those tried-and-true tactics, but you don’t build up dependencies on just one or two resources. When it comes to your job, you’re not content to just take inherited tools and let history repeat itself. You want to add value and expand horizons to constantly help the team’s efforts become more and more effective.
  • Accountable & Self-Driven. When you screw up, the person who is most disappointed is always you. You take great pride in the quality of your work and the way in which you deliver it. “Very good” may do for most people, but you’re out for excellence. You are self-motivated in respect to your work because you view it as a reflection of yourself and what you have to offer. You often find that the standards you set for yourself are even higher than what others expect of you, and you learn from your mistakes.
  • A Confidant. If you give your word, you keep it. You quickly build trust-centered relationships, based on your reliability, follow through, and perceptive listening. You are informative without oversharing, reading a conversation to know when it’s time to transition while having a constant eye for confidentiality and professionalism.
  • A Ray of Sunshine. People are drawn to you because they find you disarming and approachable. You are a natural at breaking the ice and chatting to build familiarity. Your energetic demeanor comes through and adds to the positive impressions that you are so carefully managing. But your words are not all hot air—you speak from a place of authenticity and passion. Your sincerity helps you build trust with candidates, and you prefer to elevate relationships to a level of honest dialogue.
  • A Combo Meal. Your style is winningly ambidextrous. While you are known to be creative, social, and improvisational, you also insist on being extremely organized and highly detailed. If Dance Dance Revolution and Microsoft Excel had a love child, it would be you.

We’re serious about these qualities. If they don’t apply to you, you won’t be happy at Entara and we won’t be happy with you. We’ll part ways sooner rather than later.  Let’s avoid all that discomfort by agreeing you won’t contort yourself to meet requirements that just don’t fit. You are who you are, and that’s okay.


Entara is a new kind of IT Managed Services Company. We’re built from the ground up to provide the strategic vision, platforms, processes and people to travel with our clients on the path to their best IT future. We partner with mid-sized organizations to make technology work brilliantly for our clients.

We launched in 2001, as the niche firm YJT Solutions (You Just Trade) helping to solve some of the IT challenges of Chicago’s most intense trading environments. Because of our success working in the financial industry, we branched out to serve other industries over a decade ago.

In 2018, we rebranded to Entara because our company has grown and evolved far beyond its original roots. We are doubling down on making investments in our future to better serve our clients. We are evaluating new toolsets, selecting and integrating the best ones for our future-facing IT Service Management platform, EntaraWorks. We are hiring tomorrow’s leaders, giving them the opportunity to grow beyond what they ever imagined.

We’ve been formally recognized as one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For since 2017. We’ve also been named in the INC 5000 Top Growing Companies for the past three years! We’re also ranked among MSPmentor’s Top 200 global IT managed services providers, and our influence has expanded beyond the Chicago arena. Our sole focus is excellence. If you are fond of the phrase “close enough,” please don’t apply for this job. Our success is built on developing exceptional relationships with fellow co-workers and clients alike, as we collaboratively chart our best paths forward to the future.


You’ll have a direct impact on our operations, our clients, and our fellow EntaraCorps members. Because of that impact, you’ll get our respect and gratitude for the role you play in making Entara the best it can be.

We’ll provide you with skills, training, responsibility and opportunities to grow, both at Entara and wherever your career takes you in the future. (However, we hope you’ll be successful here for a good, long time.)

We consider mentoring and participating in the continual learning of others to be absolutely essential for both you and your co-workers. You’ll benefit by developing your leadership skills—and by having a replacement ready when you’re ready to move up to another position.

We know that’s not enough.

Here are some of the employee benefits we currently offer:

  • BCBS Gold-level PPO Medical Insurance, premiums paid 100% by us
  • Generous and flexible Paid Time Off policy
  • 401k Corporate Matching Program
  • Reimbursement for approved certification tests and training, seminars, conferences and more
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Healthcare Savings Account (HSA)
  • Dependent Care FSA
  • Tax-advantaged Commuter Benefit Plans
  • Company-wide outings every three months. Recent examples include Ravinia concerts, rooftop barbecues, floating the Chicago River, bowling & bocce, laser tag, and vintage gaming at Headquarters, among other things!

And there’s more…

Virtual “Fridays at Four” and bi-weekly Wellness coaching sessions. Combine that with the chance to work with a variety of clients in some of the most interesting industries around, solve big problems, create new pathways in managed services, and help to lead our clients and ourselves deep into the future, and Entara becomes one IT company that’s hard to beat.

And there’s even more...                                

Our spirit is what makes us different. We work hard. We play hard. We care about each other because we respect where each of us comes from and who we are. We have a more evolved notion of teamwork--solving client problems together and scouring the horizon for new ideas together. We recognize the journey we’re all on, from our clients to ourselves. We’re all at different places on that journey, and each stop requires support, knowledge and courage to move on. It’s why we bring the best tools and support to our clients. And why we treat and reward our EntaraCorps the way we do.