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Essential IT Consulting

Providing your customized network assessment and consultation to inform your managed services strategy, including project management and IT roadmap development for scalability, productivity, security, and cost optimization.


  • Do you have a clearly defined, prioritized list of IT projects for the next two years, along with the business rationale for committing time and money to each?
  • Does this roadmap include a clear path towards automation?


  • Do you have an established methodology for updating your IT strategic roadmap on a quarterly basis?
  • Do you actively review dashboards and reports from your IT Service Management platform in order to identify trends and guide priorities in your roadmap?


  • Are you confident that you are taking advantage of emerging technologies so that your company is future-ready?
  • Do you have an IT managed services partner that is continuously looking down the road and bringing forward-thinking ideas to the table?

Chicago IT Managed Services Preparedness Assessment

Every new Chicago-area clients take part in our network assessment to understand the current health of your IT environment and lay the foundation of our initial IT roadmap strategy. This network assessment tool will determine the health and standardization of your networking devices, servers, and laptops.

Ongoing IT Assessments & Benchmarking

We can also leverage several proprietary processes to conduct additional assessments as an ongoing benchmarking service, including our IT Operational Maturity Index Assessment. This diagnostic tool evaluates your IT organizational maturity to support scalability and minimize risk with a numerical score that can be used for tracking periodic progress.

Roadmap Development & Maintenance

Our IT roadmaps are designed with input from our Chicago-based IT Strategy team, assessments, managed services delivery and project work. Entara engineers have a clear process for contributing to their client’s roadmaps strategies, and all potential improvements are assessed and weighed against a business-driven ROI.

Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)

Our Chicago-based IT Strategy Team is comprised of systems architects and engineers with the keen ability to blend technical and business acumen. With EntaraEssentials, your business can leverage the expertise of our IT Strategy team in an outsourced CTO fashion to help lead and manage your IT strategy.

Discover the best place to begin with more information regarding our deliverables:

IT Assessment

Every new managed services client takes part in our IT Managed Services Preparedness Assessment, a diagnostic tool we use to ensure the general health of the systems we will be managing, and to provide the basis for an initial roadmap.

  • Customized IT Technology Assessment
  • Insights and Metrics
  • Ongoing benchmarking
  • IT Maturity Index Assessment

IT Roadmap Development and Maintenance

We work with every managed services client to create their customized roadmap to the future, using input from our conversations, assessments, managed services work and project work.

  • Customized IT Roadmap
  • Reviewed Quarterly
  • Clear, ROI driven process

Ready to begin your journey to a more robust technology infrastructure?

Why EntaraEssentials?

As an integral part of our IT consulting services, Entara has been serving clients from its Chicago headquarters with expert Managed IT Services through a customized approach, because no two networks are the same.

Fortune 500 companies have reported ROI from investing in IT strategic planning as high as


Since 2015, the percentage of organizations with a business-wide IT strategy has grown from

27% to 41%2

Essential IT Questions

Do you have a clear plan to address the gaps in your current IT framework to ensure efficiency, scalability, productivity, and security in your organization?

Are you confident that you are taking advantage of emerging technologies so that your company is future-ready?

Do you rely on a usable IT strategy roadmap that is updated and analyzed quarterly?


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