What is Forecheck?

Forecheck is an automated incident management, remediation, and resilience platform built for ingesting incidents from your security provider.

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How Forecheck manages cyber security incidents


We integrate with your security stack on-prem or in the cloud to orchestrate containment across a diverse toolset.


We work with your team to remediate compromised endpoints and accounts.


We help you prevent repeating incidents by providing technical resilience documentation that can be applied by your internal teams or by Forecheck.

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Orchestrating your security incidents

Forecheck accelerates incident automation and integration with your current security stack.

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Decrease time to action

Forecheck automatically:
- Learns from each reported security incident
- Implements strategies to create resilience and reduce future containment and remediation times
- Shields clients from repeated attacks
- Runs your incidents into the ground

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From cyber vulnerable to
cyber resilient

Forecheck delivers long term cyber resiliency information that can be implemented by your internal IT teams or by Forecheck.

We support your team by providing credits that can be applied to necessary resilience actions at a set price, no scoping needed.

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