Raum Sandoval




Raum Sandoval is responsible for continually advancing Entara's security posture. He supports the firm as it evolves as an XSP and focuses on integrating various security products and services, as well as governance, risk, and compliance platforms, for both Entara and customers alike.  

Raum has over 15 years of experience managing and supporting IT for hundreds of companies, from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies, across multiple sectors. Through his work, he puts businesses in the position to scale and grow, while keeping security at the forefront. Raum's background includes a diverse expertise in Systems, Network, and Cloud Architecture, which gives him an edge in being able to set forth real-world policies as well as effective adherence and compliance to those policies

Raum formerly served as the Director of Managed Services and Deputy CISO at Entara, and now uses his experience transforming business practices, processes, and culture in his role as CISO.