We are the world's first XSP

A true partnership between IT and cyber security operations

We make decisions rapidly based on frontline experience.

We spend an average of 2000 hours a month learning from and helping companies that have experienced cyber security breaches.

We are the standard.

MSPs rarely put into practice the security standards they ask their customers to adhere to. As an XSP, we follow CIS controls and map these standards into your solutions. We also have 24/7 MDR monitoring, require microsegmentation, privilege access, MFA, and regular security assessments.

We are aware of the risk we pose to our clients.

Working with an MSP or an MSSP is a risk because you are exposing more variables to your environment. We are aware of this risk and put safeguards in place to protect both our clients and ourselves.

We solve the MSP and MSSP disconnect. 

The days of segmented services are numbered. Disconnect between your MSP and MSSP can cause costly delays and mistakes. We solve this issue. 

We have a security tool agnostic R&D team.

We are not loyal to any one product or solution. We have numerous partnerships with products and solutions that we have personally vetted. We only suggest what we think is right for your specific needs. 

We pen test our clients. It’s not optional. 

Pen testing is like doing your homework and checking your work. Every client must go through our security assessment during onboarding, no exceptions. This adds another level of security to our own company as well as each of our clients.  While we also recommend our clients use an additional provider for supplementary pen testing, we always check our work ourselves. 

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XSP was designed with you in mind

CEOs & Business Leaders

We solve your company’s technology issues by bringing IT and cyber security ops together. We get rid of the disconnect and develop strategic solutions that plan for 3-5 years in the future because compartmentalizing and reactionary solutions increase risk and potential cost. 


We vet and use tools and platforms that create accountability and visibility, and work closely with our security partners to deliver a complete security solution. We use leading cyber security managed detection and response tools and work collaboratively with our security partners to provide 24/7 threat detection and response.  

IT Managers

We have a proven onboarding process that is transparent, easy, and quick; Everything an onboarding should be.  


Entara makes working with our mutual clients incredibly easy. Their professionalism, whether it’s their technical skillset, their sales acumen or just their overall demeanor, is second to none. We consider ourselves very lucky to call Entara our partner.



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